Arranging Exchange

Arranging acquisition documents and exchanges of ownership

With an offer accepted and ready to be moved forward, it’s all about the paperwork from this point onward. Banks will need to approve mortgages, or confirm a transfer of payment – and this can be incredibly involved for the buyers. Agents make it easy by addressing each of these unique processes themselves.

They’ll arrange document signings, handle all paperwork and then get the documentation to the relevant parties. What could take well over four months to be addressed by home buyers without assistance, could take an agent less than a couple of months. It’s this access to fast-track services and protocols that can save time, money and stress – making it easy for the seller to move out, and for the buyer to schedule a move where they can enjoy their new house.

Thousands of people trust the services of agents to help and considering their affordable costs and stress free processes, it is understandable why.