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Self Storage Units or Garden Sheds?

It’s amazing what people can accumulate over time and although most of us will cherish our possessions, there are times where we won’t want to get rid of them – but they will simply be in the way. When this happens, there are two options. The first is to bite the bullet and get rid of unneeded items. The second is a little more beneficial however, and it merely requires additional storage space to be sought.

Most people will do this in one of two ways – they will either invest in storage facilities like sheds to go in the garden, or they will consider self storage units. Both have their benefits and disadvantages and here’s a closer look at them.

The benefits of storage units

Unlike sheds that will need to be set up within a property (typically a garden), storage facilities are often part of a larger building where thousands will be available. They can be hired for any amount of time – from a few months, all the way to several years; or longer. There’s never a requirement to buy them and the person hiring will simply need to keep up with their fees in order to maintain access.

They can also be hired in a variety of sizes, from smaller options that are ideal for safely storing clothing and small furniture, all the way to larger alternatives that can house an entire properties’ worth of goods. Different sizes will feature varying rental fees, but even these are fairly minimal when considering the hundreds of dollars that a shed might cost.

The advantages of garden sheds

Where storage facilities are ideal for storing items away from home, garden sheds offer a much closer method – and one that can be accessed at any time. This poses an immediate disadvantage however in the form of lost space. By setting up a shed, a home owner will be eliminating a part of their garden, drive, or other location within their property.

This might not sound like a big deal, but when considering the cost of the shed itself, the potential of self storage soon starts to shine through. The whole point of sourcing a storage feature is to provide a way to securely contain property, without needing to occupy space within a home. A shed will do this, but it will take the space from elsewhere, whereas a storage rental unit will offer the same level of access, without sacrificing home space.

A final thought

For those that don’t mind a short journey to their nearest storage depot, it’s definitely clear that units are a good way to go. If you are okay with a loss of space in favour of a shed however, then this solution may be a little better suited. The cost of rental units are much cheaper in the long term, and considering that the rental can be terminated at any time, there’s really no reason why you wouldn’t want to use one.